Innovis (Credit Report Agency)

While I was playing around on the MyFico Forums a while back, I stumbled across a post mentioning this little known credit reporting agency, going by the name of INNOVIS. Like all the other agencies, Innovis will give you a copy of your report once a calendar year for free.

Of course, I had to grab my copy. Snail mail was the only option. It took about 5 days.

Impressions? It’s worth looking over, if nothing else, but I don’t see evidence that all credit card companies report to them – namely Capital One, Citi, and American Express. Their could be others, but I haven’t done business with everyone. While all of my other old accounts were listed, the accounts from these institutions were not.

The thing is, all of the credit bureaus are supposed to report to each other. I guess if I had a negative account at Citi, that would have reported to Innovis, I’m guessing, according to MyFico posts, but otherwise, they don’t seem to use them.

Innovis doesn’t offer a credit score. I don’t see why they wouldn’t, since the other main agencies all have some kind of algorithm, but that’s never as helpful as looking at your actual report – if you’re looking for any kind of anomaly.

It contains all the typical credit report information: a list of accounts (from companies that report to this company), payment history, dates opened and closed, inquiries (from the three companies that will check this report), address information. All that jazz.

There’s no reason not to check it once and a while since it’s free, just in case something random is showing up, but it’s not at all close to being a full picture. There’s a reason hardly anyone knows they exist.

Requesting the report is as simple as filling out a form online.

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