On Cutting The Cable Cord

If you wake up one day and realize that watch only a few shows, it might be time to ask yourself “the question” – is it time to cut the cord?

Back in the super broke days, I couldn’t wait until I could afford cable! I was so looking forward to movies and Lifetime and HGTV and old 90s shows and whatever else cable had to offer. And when I first got cable, I could consume quite a bit of television on the weekends.

The thing is, I had gotten so used to most of my content coming from the internet and DVDs, that I didn’t realize how much I hated sitting down and watching something “live.” The only show I didn’t mind watching live was Desperate Housewives. I LOVED that show. I miss that show. Even after I got a DVR, I would watch that show on Sunday or Monday night. I couldn’t wait.

I don’t feel that way about anything else. After having cable for a couple of years, I started thinking about how much TV I was really watching. During the week, it was almost nothing. I would watch Drop Dead Diva and SNL and whatever else I recorded over the weekend, and that was mostly it. Over time, I watched less and less television. Even other shows that I was taping went unwatched to the point that they would pile up so high, I would delete it just so I wouldn’t have to look at it anymore.

It wasn’t that I suddenly stopped watching TV – it was just hard to find something that I was in the mood for. I was still turning to my old DVD collections to get what I wanted. Then I discovered Netflix, and suddenly, if I wanted comedy, there were dozens of stand up specials at my fingertips! I could go all week and not even turn the TV on.

Then I heard about Hulu, but as they don’t have everything, I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge. Like, I couldn’t give up Dance Moms! (Though they have Dance Moms now, I think – I’ve also stopped watching the show.) So, instead, I cut my TV package back and back, until I was back down to the basics with a free year of HBO!

After the year was up, I cancelled everything and signed up for Hulu. Here’s why:

There is too much content to watch and my DVR only holds so much information. Uverse was charging me $15 a month for the DVR AND $10 a month for HD, on top of everything else, which is honestly just ludicrous. HD is the standard. This isn’t 2005. To charge for it is just dumb. I had free HD when I had DirecTV and the DVR fee was $7. Of course, DirecTV cost more overall. It also went out every time it rained for five minutes, which where I live, it either rains for only five minutes or it rains everyday for a week.

Really, the amount of content was overwhelming. New shows come out every year, and while I would love to Gotham, between everything else I want to watch, let alone everything else I wanted to DO, I just couldn’t keep up. I would have to watch TV for a couple of hours everyday to keep up. I know that may not sound like a lot, especially considering how I can totally binge on a show for an entire day. However, to commit to that everyday? It wasn’t happening.

It’s not like I don’t have a lot of content backed up between Hulu & Netflix, it just isn’t staring me down and bloating to frightening proportions like my DVR.

Next, my moods fluctuate. A LOT. Some weeks I want to watch something like Gotham, some weeks I just want Family Guy or The Simpsons. Until I got Hulu, I hadn’t watched The Simpsons in nearly ten years. Not because I didn’t like it – I just forgot about it.

With all the shows I was taping, I may not be in the mood for something like Sleepy Hollow for months. After six months of not being in the mood for something, I would find myself with 15 episodes each of 7 different shows. It was overwhelming. And really, if I loved the show, I would have sat down and watched it. After all, I never got behind on Desperate Housewives or even True Blood, and I barely even liked that show after season four. Even now, I don’t get behind on Shameless or Saturday Night Live, and I miss them when they’re gone. I can’t say the same for most of the shows I was trying to watch.

With this in mind, I decided it wasn’t worth it. The price difference is not a lot of money, but it’s money that can go towards something else I care more about and actually use – like adorable tiger-shaped finger puppets.

Naturally, as I was dealing with AT&T, I was on the phone for an hour and seven minutes trying to get my television cancelled, but it’s gone, finally, after I made a mad dash to watch some of the movies that have been on my DVR for 7 months or more. See what I mean?

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