On Automation

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Some people don’t believe in automation. Some of those people are even against paying bills online! It’s a physical paper bill or nothing! The reasoning might be because the bill reminder gets lost in their email. I could say the same for a paper bill – that it gets lost in my junk mail.

On the flip side, I read a lot of articles that say things like, “automate as many bills as possible!” “Save precious minutes of your life!” If the minutes are that precious, then pay your bills in the bathroom.

It’s just my opinion, but I don’t agree with either schools of thought. Maybe it’s because I’m not normal, but I don’t forget to pay my bills. I know exactly when my bills are due, and I pay them as early as possible. I can count on one hand the number of bills I have forgotten to pay in my entire life. My cellphone bill taking up just about all of those slots. That was because when I was super broke it was the only bill I had due in the middle of the month. Everything else was due either before the 10th or the after the 20th. Easy to forget, which is why I started paying it early.

Maybe this is another weird thing about me: I actually like paying my bills. MY bills, just in case you were thinking of sending me yours. 😉 I enjoy hitting send. I enjoy looking at my bills and making sure I’m not getting charged some kind of crazy fee, or that I’m getting credited for my free rental that the cable company gives me some months. And I feel like you don’t really feel the bills being paid when you automate them. Of course, that might be the point for some people.

This said, I totally understand why people automate. If they don’t remember to pay their bills then they end up with a lot of unnecessary fees and penalties and their lights being turned off for a night, and in the summer, which includes the a/c, and that’s no fun.

I’ve thought about automating more bills, but then the control freak part of my brain activates, and I start to feel stressed because I don’t know exactly when the bill will debit, and there’s also the fact that I don’t get the fun of paying the bill, and I especially don’t get the fun of paying it super early! You also don’t get the fun of paying extra, as I often like to do with my electric bill.

I know the electric company will do an averaging thing that will try to get your bill as close to consistent as possible, but that doesn’t appeal to me. It takes three minutes, maybe less to pay all of my bills. I pay some bills from my phone.

Again, of course, I understand. When I had the bills I have now, plus 7 credit card payments, that was stressful. It got to the point where I stopped keeping up with balances on them. I wouldn’t even look at my balances online! Now my Quicken files for my old credit cards are a tad inaccurate, but then, that’s not a very big deal.

End opinion piece. 🙂

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