The Bank Hopper Returns…Again

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I know, right. Not again. What am I psychotic? Nope. Not psychotic. Something else. OCD.

I made a mistake in going back to Bank of America – not because I hate them but because of the balance required to keep the account free. I thought I would be okay, I really did. But the thing about obsessions is that what is a little irritant one day, becomes a giant irritant once I’m locked in. Like, how am I ever going to get married, right?

It bothered me from the start, but I thought to myself, “Push comes to shove, I’ll just juggle some things around.” So what was the final straw?

There wasn’t one, really. I just subscribe to the belief that your bank should fit your needs – we shouldn’t have to scramble around to fit theirs.

So the catalyst? I had contacted customer service to resolve what I thought was a tiny issue with one of my accounts – an extra checking I had opened because I was still on the fence about the online bank I’d been trying out, though I had no immediate plans to close the account. I just wanted a backup. Or maybe I was just feeling extra insecure that day. I don’t know.

It was something that should have only taken a few minutes. Instead, it turned out to be this long, stupid involved process, and I ended up just closing out the account because it wasn’t worth it. The custom service rep was kind, but she obviously didn’t care. I’m not miffed about the customer service though. It’s the bank. And I just wasn’t comfortable.

There are a lot of personality tests out there. One of them categorizes people into the following categories: people who have to be right, people who have to win, people who want other people to like them, and people who want to be comfortable. Guess what category I fall in?

And that’s really what caused all the back hopping. I just haven’t been comfortable. I keep making a list of all these features I think I have to have, when the honest truth is, I just want to park my money somewhere until I need it, I don’t want it to cost me anything, and I want to be able to do all of my banking outside of the branch – with the option to go into the branch if I have to. I want my bank to operate in the background. I want it to be something I don’t have to think about all the time.

I thought about going back to Suntrust, but then I remembered how irritated I was by their app, and their system, and everything else. I also wasn’t entirely comfortable with the account options available to me. I could make it work, but why stress myself out for no reason? It left me feeling like there was nowhere for me to go, which is how I ended up back at Bank of America in the first place.

It’s really hard to find good reviews on banks. Every single bank in the country has a rant page dedicated to it where people are going off about their “mistreatment” in spades, when the truth is, a lot of the time they aren’t being mistreated (though I’m sure it happens.) Most of the time they just mismanaged their account and got bent out of shape about the fees they had to pay.

There are always criteria to take into consideration, but sometimes the things you think are important are not that important at all. I love technology, but I have a three year old computer with no plans to replace it until it’s falling apart, and I have no plans to get the last iPhone either. I’m okay with my technology lagging a little, as long as it works.

In this day and age it’s hard to find a bank that doesn’t make you jump through some kind of hoop, thought they most definitely exist. But the trick is to find the hoops that fit within your life. For example, as long as it doesn’t have to be in checking, if I have to keep a small amount of money in the bank to keep my account fee-free, honestly, I rather keep that money in the account anyway as a last resort kind of cushion against life. And if life smacks me so hard I don’t even have that, paying a fee isn’t the end of the world.

2 Responses to The Bank Hopper Returns…Again

  1. Interesting, Krystal. I’ve been with CitiBank for years and am happy with them. I don’t pay fees, but I can’t recall why that is. Growing up is stressful! 🙁

    • Yeah it is! 😐 Lol!

      There are some banks that I might would love if they were in my area. I think it’s awesome when you can be at the same bank for years without them changing something on you! Hopefully my latest bank won’t pull the rug out from under my feet! I really like it so far.

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