Money Podcast Mania, Part Two

Last week I talked through some of the money podcasts I don’t like and why. This week, let’s talk about the ones I love!

The ones I listen to on a regular basis are You Need A Budget (YNAB), Financial Rock Star with Scott Alan Turner, and Motley Fool Answers, in addition to the Dave Ramsey Show, and Chris Brown’s True Stewardship, which I listen to because he’s like a tame Dave and it’s short. 🙂

YNAB isn’t anything revolutionary. He’s just talking, usually about his company, which I’ve already mentioned being underwhelmed by. But I like it because he has strong opinions that he sticks to, which I appreciate, whether I agree with what he’s saying or not. He doesn’t go too deep into any one topic as it’s a super short podcast, but he offers some interesting insight into some things and has a clear point for each show. (updates weekly – average length between three and five minutes)

Scott Alan Turner I like because he speaks a lot from experience and lets you email him anytime for advice. Some of these he answers on the show as well, and you can also leave a voicemail for him, which he’ll play and answer on the show. It’s a pretty well balanced show, but what I don’t like is that he often takes one day a week to talk with a guest about finances, and some talks and interviews are a lot more helpful than others. (updates 3x a week – average length 25 minutes)

Motley Fool Answers is great because it covers a variety of topics from budgeting to investing. The hosts are not only fun to listen to, they also have a lot of sense, offer actually applicable advice, and don’t just repeat the same old stupid crap every show. It’s not interactive like Dave’s show, which I like, because sometimes I don’t want a lot of variety in topic, and this is what this podcast offers. Plus, they had an actual IRS agent on their show once talking about audits, and it was super fun and informative! (updates Tuesdays – average length 25 minutes)

Dave Ramsey I like because he dishes out advice based on his own experience and the thousands of people he’s worked with over the years. It’s a call-in radio show so I get to hear about a variety of other people’s problems, which not only gives me some perspective, but I also learn a lot. It’s a nice reminder of why I need to stay in control of finances. And again, he has strong opinions and doesn’t budge for anything, and I always appreciate that. Most segments feature a debt-free story and the infamous debt-free scream, some are more inspirational than others, of course. (updates all three hours five days a week – which translates to about 2 hours and 15 minutes a day)

Chris Brown’s True Stewardship is part of Dave Ramsey’s company. He answers phone calls and emails, and one day a week is set aside for some kind in-depth talk about finances or a guest spot. It’s prerecorded and broadcast on Christian radio with the podcast updating early morning. Like Dave Ramsey, he’s quite entertaining to listen to, and he’s strongly against debt, but he’s also a pastor, so all of his responses are from a bible-based perspective. (updates five days a week – average length 25 minutes)

Finding a financial podcast, like finding a podcast period, is pretty hard work. There are so many out there! And just because something is number one, doesn’t mean you’ll like it. You need to know what kind of advice you want and what kind of perspective you want it from.

People who like Listen Money Matters and Ask Farnoosh, for example, probably don’t know anything, or at least not much, about money at all and like to get your more normal and typical kind of advice. People calling and writing into Chris Brown want real world and practical money help from a G-rated language and bible-based perspective. People who like YNAB are probably impatient or fans of the software. People who love The His and Her Money Show probably need hope and inspiration. If you want to be like everyone else, maybe you will like something silly like the Cocktails and Money podcast that I found. (Not the actual name, I can’t remember, but it’s very, very basic, and dare I say, dull). If you want something out of the box, that’s what Dave Ramsey and his team are for. However, if Dave Ramsey is too intense for you, but you still want practical, real world, applicable advice, this where Scott Alan Turner and Motley Fool Answers come in.

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  1. Loved reading all of your recommendations!! I’m loving Dave Ramsey and love YNAB, so I had no idea they had a podcast too.

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