Financial Idenity

What we spend our money on says a lot about who we are and what’s important to us. This is one of the reasons I’m considering a hybrid for my next car. I consider myself to to be the kind of person who cares about the environment. I don’t litter, I do a little recycling, I pay all of my bills electronically and don’t receive a single statement in the mail. I have a backseat full of reusable grocery bags. I buy eco-friendly electronics. Though let’s face it, if they were ugly machines, I would probably buy something else.

It’s important to me. But is it hybrid car important to me? They cost more, on average – they certainly cost more to repair – and I only fill up my car once a month as it is unless I’m driving a long distance. When I look at my spending and giving habits, I do have the stray recycled notebook and notebook made out of leaves. I have sheets on my bed made out of eucalyptus pulp, and one of the charities I give to really cares about the environment, but that’s not why I give to them. And I bought those sheets because the package said they stay cool in the summer, and I have a tendency to run hot.

(And by the way, they really do stay cooler!)

But anyway, when I look around my place, the only thing that’s super clear to me is that I’m a borderline neat-freak who’s really into arts and crafts and media, and it shows all over the place. I have books and DVDs and little artsy stuff everywhere. It’s like, you know when you meet someone who’s vegan, and it’s like the first thing out of their mouth? I’m always thinking, if that is really who you are than you wouldn’t need to tell everyone you bump into on the street. It would show in how you live your life. And I wonder if I want a hybrid because it’s easier on the environment or if I want one because I think it’s cool and artsy.

I mentioned before that I think the reason why I had such a hard time settling down with a bank is because I was always trying to be economical and chase after the highest interest rates or go the free account route. Now, my accounts don’t cost me anything, but I’m not a cheap person. There’s nothing wrong with being cheap, as long as you have some fun now and then, but that’s not me. A cheap person wouldn’t buy a Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy Walking Stick prop replica. It’s a nice stick, but come on, it was $95.

In fact, if I could have afforded it, most of the furniture in my house would be new and fancy-like. But it isn’t, because I had no money when I moved into my condo. Most of my furniture was preowned, used, or something new that had a flaw on it so it was discounted. My parents own a used and consignment stuff business, and they furnished most of it. They did buy me a couch, but I got the couch preowned at another used and consignment furniture store – a store I ended up at on my sister’s recommendation, who is a little cheap. So, that actually explains why the only new furniture in my house is stuff I’ve bought since I’ve moved in.

I do like all my furniture – it has character.

My point is, though, I didn’t buy it. I’m not against used furniture, obviously, or I would have gone into debt to buy something else. And when I bought my new entertainment center, I actually looked at some used furniture in a couple of different places. But I wanted something very specific, and when I want something specific, the crazy part of my brain will pitch a fit if I get something else.

The truth is, the main reason I want a hybrid is because I want to see the word “Hybrid” on the back of my car when I walk up to it – a novelty that will surely wear off – leading me to believe that it’s more for vanity reasons than because I care about trees.

I’m in the grocery store with cloth bags like a hippie. I care, but let’s be real, I’m not that earth baby kind of person. If I was, I would recycle my own plastic instead of taking it to work like a lazy person, though I do recycle my own paper and cardboard (and I am working on the glass and plastic).

But what I’m saying is that, what we spend our time and money on says a lot about us, and nothing I spend my money on would indicate that I’m the kind of person who would spend $15,000 on a car – hybrid or not. I want something efficient because I hate pumping gas and won’t consider getting an electric car because the thought of plugging a car into my condo freaks me out. (Also, hello, expensive.)

Still, I really do care, and I am kind of vain, in a sense, so either way, it still makes perfect sense to get a hybrid! And the thought of it does make me really happy. 🙂 But we’ll see how I feel about it when I have the money. Sometimes the thought of spending that much for a car just seems ridiculous.

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