The Bank Hopper Returns…

After the entire Bank Hopping Saga (Part One and Part Two) – I ended up jumping ship after 70 days.

bank hopping story 2
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😐 I have nothing to say for myself except that I ended up not liking the bank I chose. Since I don’t have to stay where I’m not happy, I left – plain and simple.

I had chosen US Bank because it hit all the points on my fancy banking chart that I made. However, it was nothing but non-stop limitations. In my ups and downs of bank hopping post, I mentioned how it’s impossible to remember to ask everything when you switch banks, and it really, really is. For example, I thought mobile deposit would be ready to go out of the bag, but when I tried to use it 6 weeks after opening my account, they said I had to wait 60 days to deposit anything over $200. 😐

That in and of itself is not a deal breaker since they charge for mobile deposits and I pass an ATM on my way home from work. But that was just one in a long list of limitations. Lemme break it down blues style: They held my initial deposit – the entire amount (a cashier’s check from another bank) for 10 business days, and all of my deposits had holds on them for 7 days for a month – again, for the entire amount. I had a $1000 purchase limit on my debit card that I couldn’t get raised for a year – and that was if I met all the other top secret qualifications that the customer service rep wouldn’t tell me about. It took my check card 10 days to arrive in the first place (the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a check card). And even though this has very little to do with my decision, while I liked the check card online, I liked it a lot less in person.

However, the $1000 purchasing limit was the last straw. My computers cost more than that, and I’m due for an upgrade between tomorrow and two years from now. 😛

Honestly, it’s more just the thought of it, and the fact I couldn’t do anything about it. And it’s especially important now that I don’t have a credit card anymore that I have a debit card with a bank that isn’t giving me grief. I know someone who banks with them who is super happy, but I know someone at all the banks I don’t like who is super happy. It’s all about finding the right fit for me personally.

I really, REALLY didn’t want to change banks again. But like I’ve said, it’s more than worth it if I end up happier in the long run. 30/60/90 days for things? Fine. I can deal with it, but a year for this? Six months for that? Holding a cashier’s check for two weeks? It’s just ridiculous.

So after a conversation with my sister, I packed up and went back to the only bank I’ve been happy with in the last decade – freaking Bank of America. All the grief people give giant banks, but at least they understand their customers don’t want to wait two weeks to start using their accounts.

I also finally decided that instant issue debit cards are fantastic! I still don’t like the look of most of them, and the one I did get was temporary until I got my design in. But I was willing to take one permanently if it meant that I was at a bank I could stay at. It definitely makes the transition 100x times easier. There was no waiting for anything except my free checks, which isn’t stressful as I write about one check a year, and my custom debit card, which wasn’t stressful because I left the bank with one. And because I had an account with them before, the whole opening process was literally cut in half!

bouncing minion

My sister (who said that I’d been pissed about US Bank from the start) had a point. If I chose a new bank, it would be new crap all over again. At least by going with someone I was familiar with, there would be no nasty surprises. Not that I usually got nasty surprises – US Bank has been the worst as far as that goes.

I know I sound insane, but I should have just gone back to the giant bank to begin with – giant banks are the only way I’m going to get all the features I want and everything I need. In fact, I’m pretty sure I told myself that if I ended up not liking the tiny, local bank, I would just go back to the giant bank. It’s not like I didn’t like anything about US Bank – I did like a couple of things a lot – it just wasn’t nearly enough.

There are never any guarantees, of course, but when I asked myself who I would bank with if I could choose anyone I wanted (because I can) – I said the giant bank. It’s kind of like with my writing – if I can write whatever I want – and I can – what would I write? And that is exactly what I’m doing on both fronts. 🙂

Here’s a checklist of what exactly I was looking for:
1) atm deposit feature
2) mobile deposit (free and no trial period before I could use it)
3) good fraud resolution department
4) pretty check card (LOL!)
5) daily purchase limit of $2500 or more
6) solid mobile & online interfaces
7) microchip enabled debit cards

Somehow, getting an account with a fee that was easy enough to avoid didn’t make it onto my actual list, but this was also something that I looked at and made sure I got. I’m not in the business of stressing myself out, after all. 😉

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