The Adventures of Debt-Free Jane: Welcome to the Real World!

Part Five

Graduation Day rolled in and shoved Jane out of the college dorm she had called home for the last four years. There was ever so much to do, and Jane continued to medicate her stress with spending. After all, as long as there was credit left on her climbing limits – limits that kept climbing despite the fact that she no income – she thought she had “money” to spend.

She moved out of her parent’s and in with her sister who lived in a bigger area with more opportunities. Jane needed a job, but there was no rush, she could pay her credit card minimums with the money her parents gave her and she didn’t have any bills to pay. So Jane spent her days looking for a job she would actually like to have.

As it turned out, Jane didn’t interview well. She was awkward and had no idea how to answer the question, “Why do you want to work here?” She only knew, “Because I need a job” was NOT a good answer to the question. And honestly, Jane didn’t even want any of those jobs. So, of course she couldn’t answer the question! Thinking she was just being lazy, Jane’s mother called her one hot, summery day and cut her off. No more money for Jane. (A situation her parents would later deny ever happened, but happened it did.)

To say the least, Jane was horrified. After all, they never cut her sister off. Her sister had to cut herself off! This was NOT fair. Why were they doing to this to Jane?! They couldn’t wait for her to get a job first? It had only been a month!

To help her out, Jane’s sister offered her a position in the family retail store on Saturdays to give her something to live off of. After all, she still needed to put gas in her car and eat. And oh yeah, she did have bills to pay – credit card bills.

Now, thanks to her parents, Jane was forced to apply for even more jobs she didn’t want. And Jane’s parents were super impatient with her (something else they would later deny). Even after they cut her off, she was hounded constantly for status updates. “Do you have a job yet? Why not? You’re not trying hard enough.”

Jane was applying for five to ten crappy jobs a day. She had a few more lackluster interviews, but very few people were hiring, and even fewer people were hiring full time. Jane was slowly starting to see how much it cost to live in the real world, and her budgeting software was telling her she needed to work more than part time making $6 an hour — the going rate for most of those jobs — if she was going to make it.

The weeks went on, so Jane’s mother took to bribing her. She would buy Jane a new mattress to replace her lumpy one if she had a job by the end of July. Keep in mind, Jane had graduated in the middle of May and had been living in this new town since Memorial Day.

This only added to Jane’s stress — stress that wasn’t good for Jane.

But Jane eventually got desperate enough to accept a part-time retail position for $6.50 an hour.

Around this time, Jane’s sister had moved out and into a cute little house just outside of town. The previous owners of the house paid off the lease, so Jane moved into the apartment and took over the utilities. She had two months to start making enough money to live on her own.

Unfortunately, the business that hired Jane was over-budget and couldn’t afford to give Jane any hours! After a long conversation with her father, Jane was forced to take a full time position at her parent’s store making $8 an hour. It was now September. Jane was tired and broker than ever, and she had mere weeks to find a new place to live since she couldn’t afford the rent on her sister’s apartment.

Jane’s four month grace period had run out. She had failed to find a career.


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