The Adventures of Debt-Free Jane: Year Four

Part Four

Jane’s stupidity had really caught up with her now. Not only were all her credit cards maxed out again, but Jane had quit her on-campus job because changes in management had left her with a schedule that wasn’t at all worth the stress it would cause her. This was her senior year. She needed to concentrate. She needed therapy!

And therapy she got. Unfortunately, Jane had other problems that trumped her financial problems. Besides, she wouldn’t have money problems anymore if she took out another loan!

So, back to the financial aid she skipped.

The woman on the other side of the desk was SO nice to Jane. And this time, she took out the entire $5,5oo! After all, she had more debt, no savings, and she wouldn’t have to worry about paying if off until six months after she graduated. She would have a job by then! It would be no problem at all!

This time after paying off her debt, she put a little bit away in a new savings account and used the rest for purchases around campus. She had given up her bad caffeine habit cold turkey, but she would still need money for lunch and graduation expenses.

Total amount of stupid tax #2: $5,500 — for a running total of $9,600

Poor, clueless, optimistic Jane.

This time, she didn’t even behave herself for a little while. The stress of her impending graduation (also known as being dumped unceremoniously out into the real world) was really getting to her. Suddenly, she found that she didn’t want to graduate on time after all. Another semester, heck, maybe even another year, wouldn’t be so bad! Jane needed more time. She wasn’t ready!

Jane’s therapist thought her concentration problems were a result of ADD and thus kept trying to give Jane ways to concentrate. But ADD was only a symptom manifesting from Jane’s other problems. So Jane spent money like she had it to medicate herself.

By the end of her senior year, Jane’s credit cards were climbing towards their limits once again. Limits that were even higher than they were the year before thanks to her being “responsible” once again and paying the balances down.

But Jane was already looking to see what kind of jobs there were out in the real world. So, she didn’t stress about her finances; the situation would take care of itself.

The thing about problems though, that Jane didn’t realize, they don’t go away when you ignore them. No. They get bigger. And thanks to her new, higher limits, bigger they would get.


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